Downtown Podiatry | Bunions


A bunion is seen as an enlargement of bone on the inside of the foot near the big toe. Often, the big toe will turn and begin to point toward the lesser toes. The problem is often aggravated by narrow shoes. The corrective procedure most often performed is as follows: a small incision is made over the “neck” of the first metatarsal bone, and using small instruments, a small cut is made across the bone enabling the doctor to reposition the top 1/3 of the bone to a straight position.
Also, the area of the metatarsal bone where the bump was located is smoothed down. It is also necessary in most cases to “lengthen” one or more of the tendons (muscle attachments) to the big toe. In case of severe bunions, it may also be necessary to make a second cut in the bone of the big toe in order to further straighten that toe. It is usually necessary to wear a post-surgical shoe for 3 to 4 weeks after this procedure is performed with the bandage changed once a week.