Downtown Podiatry | Hammertoes


foot_problems_hammertoes_imgHammer Toes occur when the tendons and ligaments around the toes become contracted and the toes take on a “claw-like” appearance. The problem is aggravated when the toes come in contact with the top of a shoe causing “corns” to form on the tops of the toes. In severe cases, a callus can also form at the end of one or more toes.

The most common method of correction is as follows: The tendons (muscle attachments) on the top and bottom of the toe are “lengthened.” Then, using a special small instrument, a small cut is made across one of the joints and/or the bones in the toe, allowing the joint to be realigned, and thus the toe straightened. After these procedures are performed, it is usually necessary for the patient to wear a post-surgical shoe for one week.hammertoe17