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Soft Corns

A soft corn forms between the toes when the bony prominence known to doctors as the “condyle” of the toe rubs against the condyle of the adjacent toe while walking. In an attempt to protect the body, nature builds up a layer of thickened skin (a soft corn) to cushion the bony prominences. The moisture between the toes keeps the thickened skin somewhat soft, thus the name “soft corn.”

If left untreated, the corns become quite painful. Although soft corns can form between any two toes, they are most often found between the forth and the fifth toes. The most common procedure used to correct soft corns is as follow:

– A small incision is made on the top of the affected toe and, using a small drill, the condyles are smoothed down so that these prominences will not rub against one another. It is usually necessary to wear a surgical shoe for one week after the procedure is performed.