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Corn Surgery, Angie, Pennsylvania

Angie is a patient who visited our office from Pennsylvainia. The patient presented for hammertoe surgery. She is very happy with the outcome and has minimal scarring and minimal pain.

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Bunion Correction, Miranda, Brooklyn

Miranda from Brooklyn had bunion and tailors bunion corrective surgery done in our office. The surgery was done utilizing our minimally invasive bunion surgical technique that was exclusively developed in our office. Patient now has no visible scarring and no pain.

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Corn Removal, Fatima, Manhattan

Fatima from Manattan had corn removal surgery performed in our office. The toes we operated on were toes 4 and 5 both feet. She now has no pain and very little scarring present.

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Bunion Surgery, Amanda, Brooklyn

Amanda from Brooklyn underwent bunion surgery in our office using our newly developed minimally invasive bunion technique with no pain and almost no visible scar.

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Bunion Surgery, Angela, New York

Angela from New York is seen here several weeks after bunion surgery in our office. She has very little swelling and almost no visible incision.